Lady in woods beautiful

Volante Ariana Maria (Lady)


Lady looks beautiful in every picture she takes.  (All of our pictures on the website are taken with our phones.)  She loves loves loves hiking in the Adirondacks and has been on some extremely difficult hikes for up to five days, check out our Gallery of Mountain Hikes.

Enough said!!!

Enough said!!!

She is very smart and life is a puzzle to her.  She is the one who figured out how to open the refrigerator, go on the roof by pushing out my window screen, believes a door is merely an impediment to her goal.  She is very loyal, but protective as well, and approaches strangers with cautious reserve.  She is a wonderful mother to her human family as much to her puppies.
We love our wild Lady bug, a truly gorgeous Hovawart!!!



Hovawart puppies are not for everyone, they can be very independent in their actions, they stay with you and near you, but when you say down, they think … hmmm?