Lady looking at her puppies


We have all three colors of Hovawart puppies, blond, black and tan and black.  Our parent dogs are fantastic family dogs, loving, loyal and protective.  We invite you to come and meet them.

Puppies are born in my bed, literally.  We have everything waterproofed thoroughly, and then have puppy quilts all over.  It tends to be a long process for Lady, approximately twelve hours.  When our final puppy has been delivered we go to the vet for puppy checks (that same day or night) and to get mom checked and x-rayed to make sure all the puppies are out and that we have no retained placentas (better safe then sorry).  Mom and the puppies stay in my room until day 10 where I keep a close eye on them, making sure that they are getting adequate food and warmth.

We all hold the puppies from birth on, stroking their ears, paws and tails, and laying them on their back and stomach in our hands.  All for just a couple of minutes, a couple of times a day.  Then we just cuddle with them. After day 10 they are brought into the whelping box in our living room.  This way they become accustomed to normal household noises.

Interaction with them continues, and they are introduced to young children at this time.  They are allowed out of the whelping box throughout the day, with a soft doggy bed in front of our fireplace, and only in the whelping box regularly at night.  We all cuddle with them, particularly in the evening as we watch evening TV shows.

They are introduce to the outdoors when they are 3 weeks old, for a few minutes several times a day, until they build up a tolerance by about five weeks of age, at which time they are given free access to the yard or house.

They are introduced to solid food at about three weeks of age, we use goats milk mixed with Taste of the Wild canned food.  Initially it is more goats milk then puppy food but gradually that changes over about 10 days.  We then start giving them Taste of the Wild dry puppy food mixed with canned food and light goats milk, and then gradually switch over to just the Taste of the Wild dry puppy food and water by about five weeks.

At about five weeks we start working on potty training outside, so that when they go to their new homes peeing on grass is what they are accustomed to.

At seven weeks they are ready to go to their new homes.  We find that when they stay with us longer they tend to really attach to us, and it is a harder transition for them.

Our goal is to have the puppy well tolerated to noise and an active household so that no matter whether the home he goes to is quiet or busy, he will feel confident and curious.

The puppies will go to their new homes with their registration papers, vet record, a puppy blanket, favorite toy, and puppy food.  They will be have been de-wormed, vaccinated and microchipped unless otherwise requested.

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A Hovawart Puppy is not for everyone, they don’t like strangers, or even your friends, they just love you and love you and love you.