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Healthy Puppies

We offer a health guarantee for all of our puppies, but all buyers should give their puppy a good once over. This does not mean don’t take him to the vet, our health guarantee stipulates that he should be brought to the vet within three working days of your receipt of him.

Head:  Feel his head, there should be no soft spots, no itchy areas or areas with missing hair.  Check his teeth, all of his baby teeth should be present, there should be no underbite.   This is acceptable in some breeds, but not Hovawarts.  He should have pink gums and puppy breath.  His nose should be cool or moist, not running.  There should be no coughing or sneezing.  His eyes should look straight ahead with no deviation.  His ears should be clean, with no wax and no smell.

Body:  He should breathe without strain, cough or wheeze.  His hair should be soft and full.  There should be no rough patches, areas of hairloss or areas of irritation.  He should not be scratching at any particular area of his skin.  His legs should be well formed and straight.  He should not limp or falter at any time.  He should have good shape, not a pot belly.

Pedigree:  Review the puppies pedigree thoroughly.   Our puppies have no shared relatives.

Deworming:  Our dam is dewormed during her pregnancy, and the puppies are dewormed every two weeks starting at 2 weeks of age.

Vaccination:  Review the vaccination paperwork which we will provide to you.  Our puppies will be vaccinated at the age of 6 weeks by our local vet.  If appropriate we will do the second series of shots, for any puppies that we are holding for a longer period of time at the request of the new owner, at no expense.

It is our goal to consistently breed a healthy, happy inquisitive Hovawart puppy.

A Hovawart puppy is not for everyone, they love to try and out swim you, out run you and out jump you….