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        We’re Under Construction, Please call us with any questions you may have. We live in Lake Placid, New York and have been involved in breeding since 2001, when we got our first Hovawart, Sophie, who has since passed away.  We have bred Pomeranians, Hovawarts, Golden Retrievers and Hovawart/Golden Retriever mixes.  We have five dogs, […]

Hovawart Breed

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Hovawarts Highlights of the FCI Breed Standard HOVAWART ORIGIN : Germany. UTILIZATION : Working Dog. BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : The Hovawart is a very old German working dog breed. The name’s origin stems from Middle High German (an old form of German); Hova = Hof (= yard, farm) and wart = Wächter (= watchman). Since […]


Lady looking at her puppies

There are currently no available puppies, but we are expecting a litter March 2014.   Puppies are born in a bedroom, kept up there for the first 7-10 days and then brought to the birthing box in the living room.   As they age we give them more and more freedom in our living room, and […]